Who makes this app?

Glad you asked!  Minecraft Skin Studio is made by two guys from the UK; Jamie and Luke.  Together, we call ourselves 57Digital.  You might be surprised that we're not a super-huge team; it's true that we are officially endorsed by Mojang - but that is simply because they're big fans of our app(s) too!

Luke (on the left) and Jamie (on the right) at 57Digital HQ in Sheffield (UK)!

Who does what?

Luke is responsible for a massive part of the Skin Studio Encore update.  He is a whiz when it comes to creative awesome iOS experiences.  He is a graduate from Sheffield Hallam University and usually sports a pretty huge beard.

Jamie dabbles with some of the iOS things; but mainly looks after the servers and databases.  He is also the developer of the Android version of Skin Studio.  Jamie is also a graduate from Sheffield Hallam and loves drinking insanely strong cups of coffee.

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